About us

History of Akwawit Inc.

Such were the beginnings…
At the end of 1945, the State Spirit Monopoly took over a branch of rectification and warehouses of spirits in Wrocław at Monopolowa and a small bottling plant of vodka at Traugutta and set up the Wroclaw Institute of Spirit Industry. In 1946-1947, two facilities at Monopolowa were separated and adapted for the vodka bottling plant and the warehouse of final products. In the fourth quarter of 1947, the bottling was transferred from Traugutta to Monopolowa. The bottling of alcoholic beverages took place initially on five and then on eight filling tables. The factory started the second year of its operations with production of rectified and pure vodkas. In 50s and 60s, the company experienced the non-investment growth of production and stabilization of employment. However, in 1962-1964 heavy investments were necessary to keep competitive position in the market.

20 years later…
In 1970-1990 the company was very efficient and well equipped as a result of systematic investments and the modernization of production processes. A modern vodka bottling plant was built with two and then five bottling lines. As a result, the range of pure and quality vodkas has increased to about 60 products. Our own recipes were developed.

Akwawit Inc. is one of the leaders of the Polish and European spirit market. The company was created after the merger of “Wratislavia" Polmos Wrocław S.A. and “Akwawit" S.A. in Leszno. Akwawit S.A. is a leading producer of world-famous grain and potato vodkas. It produces both pure and flavored vodka. Exceptional quality of products comes from the combination of modernity and tradition. Alcohols are based on traditional recipes and their production is carried out on the most technologically advanced production lines. In 2016 the company opened a newly built vodka bottling plant, equipped with automatic bottling lines that offer the highest capacity in Poland. To ensure high quality and meet all market standards, a specialized quality control laboratory was opened.
Given that our own rectification ensure full control over all stages of the production process our products always have the same highest quality. This is confirmed by numerous awards and certificates. We have received numerous medals and awards at food fairs, including “Good, because it’s Polish" emblem.
Akwawit Inc. dynamically develops and strengthens its position using its experience, tradition combined with modern technology and qualified staff. The company constantly expands its operations to new markets considering the highest quality of offered products and maximum commitment to customer service as the main priority. Constant development, new customers, growing product portfolio – these are our targets to meet customers expectations.

Chairman of the Board

Dr Grzegorz Ślak

Lawyer, financier, lover of motor racing and football.
The newspaper Gazeta Krakowska awarded Grzgorz Ślak a title “Man of the Year” for his professionalism in managing the company, introducing innovative technologies, gaining new markets and supporting culture and sport. In his long career he was a member of supervisory boards and chairman of several companies in the fuel, biocomponents and renewable energy sectors. He is known for unconventional technological solutions.